The Summer of Awesome – Day 13

Well hey there,

I started writing this post two days ago, and then got side-tracked by work and such, so here’s what I started out with, even though it’s now 2 days off:

I just got my allergy shot earlier and my arm hurts WAY more than usual. My doctor is away until next week and the other doctor who gave it to me joked that he’s not as good as mine because it hurts when he gives shots – BOY was he right!!

But enough of that, on to the awesome things of The Book of Awesome…

(73) Sneaking under someone else’s umbrella (pg 136)

By now, you all know of my height.

Photo 2017-08-03, 3 05 43 PM
And here’s a photo of me amidst a thunderstorm that hit out of nowhere while I was on a walk this week, just to prove that I am always umbrella-ready.

So… guess who’s always left holding the umbrella? 😐

I suppose it also doesn’t help that I hate getting rain-hair or rain on my glasses (when I wear them), so I am always umbrella-prepared.

Just this week, four of us went out for a lunch. There have been thunderstorm warnings all week and the sky was quite overcast and ominous.

How many of us had umbrellas?

That’s right just me. 😐

I do think it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when you hate being rained on!

From what I’ve heard from family and friends, though, not everyone hates being rained on as much as I do. (In fact, my dad purposefully, goes out when it’s pouring rain because he loves it so much!)

(74) Finally remembering a word that’s been on the tip of your tongue for so long (pg 137)

The older I get, the more foggy my brain gets, so this is a usual occurrence in my life.

Trying to write this blog is hard enough, but when you actually have to make conversation and your brain just doesn’t want to work, that’s the worst!

(75) When someone offers to toss your dirty clothes in with their load (pg 138)

I am the opposite of Neil Pasricha here. I saw this same episode of Family Feud where they asked for a chore you don’t mind doing and my first choice was, indeed, laundry.

I don’t mind putting the laundry into wash and dry – a bit more of a hassle when you have to hang it up, but put on some good tunes and dance away (and up those pedometer steps) and its not that bad. I do hate folding and putting them away after the fact, though.

So needing to toss my clothes in with other peo ple has never been a big thing for me. Also, I constantly worry that something I’d give to someone else (i.e. mom, sister) to put with their load will bleed and ruin all their stuff! And because of that, I never do share any of my laundry.

Oh man, this just reminded me that I still have clothes sitting in the dry to put away…Eep!

(76) The moment at a restaurant after you see your food coming from the kitchen but before it lands on your table (pg 140)

Ain’t this the truth.

That exciting moment when you spot your food, but then you worry, “Maybe that’s not my food and just someone else’s that ordered the same thing…” 

But it is!

He says here that as it’s approaching, “conversation hushes” and that’s so true too. I find the second the food comes ALL conversation ceases, as we all devour our food as if we haven’t eaten for days.

Conversation can always happen, eating your nice, warm food is only able to happen for a short time…

(77) Terrible businesses run by children (pg 141)

I was blown away when Mr Pasricha mentioned Junior Achievement in this section because in Grade 8 or so, we all had a presentation by them too! All I remember about it is that they had us putting together yellow ballpoint pens to learn about how to run a business…?

To be honest, I learned nothing about running my own business, but I did get a snazzy yellow pen out of it to use for all my artistic endeavors.

Now, 18 years later, I have a preteen niece, who has all of my creativity with all of the business acumen that these J.A. presenters were targeting with their workshops.

He says “terrible businesses” because they don’t tend to do so well with their sales, which is true because it’s very hard to market products as a child. Even still, my niece is putting her heart and soul into her businesses and is taking them very seriously. She started with paper origami bookmarks, from there, she has now moved to jewelry and card-making.

And let me tell you, SHE’S GOOD! (And I’m not just saying this because I am a proud aunty, though I am.)

I would post you all some photos of her wares, but will need to get her to OK that. She’s made us all her marketing team, but I actually got kicked off of the marketing team for doing a bad job of selling products to my friends… :p I think I was demoted to “helper.”

Unfortunately, even if I post her great products, I have no way to get them to all of you (unless you know me personally), so you can just enjoy the pretty pictures if/when I do post them.

For now… I am off.



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