The Summer of Awesome – Day 14

Hello all,

Been a busy few days, to the point where I can’t even remember when I last posted anything…

Firstly, a Happy Rakhdi/Rakhi/Rakhri/Raksha Bandhan – whatever you may call it… to all the sisters and brothers out there.

D2nElh1ccYykF9z-1-LyN6uUPnY=To the brothers, sorry for the lightening of your wallets, to the sisters…

Enjoy your newfound given wealth!

For anyone not in the know, here’s a little description of this holiday, c/o wikipedia:

The festival celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. It is also popularly used to celebrate any brother-sister type of relationship between men and women who may or may not be biologically related. On Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother’s wrist with a prayer for his prosperity and happiness. This symbolizes the sister’s love. The brother gives her a token gift and a promise to protect her.

TL;DR – Sister’s tie a thread on brothers, brothers fork over money. Sisters celebrate. 😛

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program…

(78) Frozen walls of air conditioning hitting you on hot days (pg 144)

There was one summer, when I was about 18 or 19 when our air conditioner decided that this was a good time to just stop working.

I had never been SO HAPPY to go to work, so that I could escape to the refuge that was the nice, cool AC of my good ol’ shoe store.

Nowadays, we have a working air conditioner, but also have older parents, who think it’s totally fine to not have the AC on when it feels like 37 degrees because the wind from outside will come in (it will not) and circulate around the house (it does not).

Even after the discussions on how air doesn’t seem to come into our house that much, likely because of how it’s placed/the direction it’s facing, I will still get texts from my sister while at work, warning me that the house is an NO-AC-ZONE, at the moment. 😐

For more on parents and Air Conditioning, please refer to this scene from one of the best TV shows of all-time (I’m sure some of you know exactly which scene I am referring to!), which totally and fully encapsulates this experience.

(79) Catching somebody singing in their car and sharing a laugh with them (pg 145)

There is a radio station that just started here a few month ago, but quickly became my favourite because they play a lot of “way-backs” – which I am sad and frightened to report, means songs from the late 90s and early 2000s now! :O

They do play songs back to the 80s too, but having been born in the 80s, that makes me sad too because that constitutes me as an “oldie”…

That pain aside, this station is the best because I get an abundance of the songs I grew up with – BSB, Britney, Spice Girls, *NSYNC, Missy, Eminem, Destiny’s Child, etc. etc.

If a Backstreet Boys song is on… I will be singing along to it. That’s just how it goes.

If it happens to be my (previously mentioned) favourite song, The One – which doesn’t tend to come on the radio much, but I sometimes play myself, especially on rough days to cheer me up – I will be VERY enthusiastically singing along.

Thanks to this radio station, it’s not uncommon to come across people at the stoplight next to you doing just the same.

They’ll also be singing and dancing up a storm to great songs and just by how they are bobbing and grooving, you know they’re on the same song as you.

Most popular artist who elicits this response from everyone (aside from BSB)?


(80) Snow stepping (pg 147)

Stepping in fresh snow is similar to taking that first scoop of peanut Wow Butter – you almost don’t want to, because of how fresh and wonderful it looks.

I have been known to complain a lot about my dislike of snow and winter, but, truth be told, I dislike having to go out in winter. (I’d be a highly successful bear, should any of them ever want to recruit me into their bear-crews.)

When you don’t have to go anywhere, snow can be very pretty and relaxing to watch, and seeing a new, fresh sheet of snow just adds to that. At one of my jobs, I used to take people out snowshoeing and though it was always sad to see the fresh snow get trampled, snowshoes are actually REALLY COOL!

I rewrote the snowshoe program at my work and because of that, learned a lot about them, so are you ready for some Useless Snowshoe Trivia?!

  • Snowshoes were found that date back to over 5000 years!
  • Because the traditional (i.e. stereotypical) snowshoes look like tennis racquets, French-Canadian settlers actually referred to them as “raquettes” – a name that has stuck (google: “French word for snowshoe” and you’ll see!)
  • When putting on snowshoes, you go by your weight not your shoe size – this has made my trying to help people select them a bit awkward, because you never want to ask someone their weight. To skirt around that fact, we had a chart that we could refer them to, so that they could select it themselves. was on the cusp of a Medium-Large and Large size of snowshoe and found it wasn’t working with the L; when I changed to the M/L, it actually did work
  • THEY REALLY DO WORK! It has to do with surface area and weight distribution. At first it might seem like they’re not doing anything, but take one off and you’ll see how far in you actually sink
  • You need a certain type of snow FOR it to work though – if it’s icy snow, it’s not going to be that great

And finally…

  • Modern snowshoes don’t look like what you’d expect, You probably imagine the old-fashioned stereotypical ones, modern ones look more like this (image from Wikipedia “Snowshoe” page):
Like mini snowboards for each foot!

And now that you’ve learned all this about snowshoes, go back to enjoying the summer because, thankfully, it’s not winter…yet.

(81) Taking off your shoes on a long car ride (pg 148)

Smelly feet shouldn’t be shared with the whole world, just my opinion, but, truly, that is how I feel.

That being said, I am also a driver now so I really don’t think this is the safest thing to do while driving! (Of course, he meant as a passenger, but as I said about – keep your smelly feet to yourself please!)

(82) Getting the eyelash out of your eye (pg 150)

Ready for a minor horror story?

209330dcc03d3973ceba2ea71dc091b8.jpgAbout a month ago, I went to a party and when I came home had the arduous task of taking off my makeup ahead of me.

I love putting on makeup, even though I cannot claim to be any good at it – especially not since all these YouTube videos of girls with their makeup abilities started popping up.

When I do my makeup I feel like Marge when she’s been shot by Homer’s makeup gun (see the image).

But I digress…

For whatever reason, when taking my makeup off, I didn’t take my contacts out. I think I had logically told myself I didn’t need to anyway because they’d get cleaned by the hydrogen peroxide solution I leave them in overnight and also if I keep them on I can actually see and make sure I got all the above, clown-faced, gunk off my face.

Usually this isn’t a problem, but on this day, I was a bit more aggressively trying to get my mascara off and… (I think you might see where this is going…) my contact lens suddenly disappeared.

I looked everywhere – the counter, the floor, the door – just in case. My sister walked by and saw me standing there with blank confusion, so even she helped me look. Then I said the dreaded thing, “I’m wondering if it’s still in my eye and I couldn’t feel it.”

She checked, both of us a bit freaked out, but my sister even more than me because she’s very grossed out by eye things and I’ve been sticking contacts in mine for 15+ years. Lo and behold, no contact!

So I breathed a sigh of relief and assumed we must’ve just missed it on the floor, possibly on the bath mat. It’s happened before, it was fine. I’d just switch to my new pack.

Cut to 5 or so hours later…

I’d been sleeping just fine, but my eye was suddenly SO itchy. I, forgetting what had transpired the previous night, as I was half-asleep at this point – put a ton of eyedrops in and went back to sleep.

Once I’d gotten my full 8 hours (and then some) of sleep, I trundled over to my washroom and realized… my eye was still hurting. Poking I’d say. Not so much itchy, but definitely felt like there was something in there.

An eyelash?

Then it hit me.




I, cautiously, pulled up my lid and… what did I see there? A teeny, tinny curve of my contact lens, on the top of my eyeball.

I’ll save you the more descriptive details, but needless to say more – it was, indeed, stuck to the top of my eyeball and with the help of eyedrops, I managed to coax it back down.

I slept for 8+ hours with my contact stuck up in my eye! By now, I’m sure lots of you have seen this INSANE story about a woman losing TWENTY-SEVEN contact lenses in her right eye. I have NO clue how she didn’t manage to feel them in there. Even with just the one lost in my eye I was so worried and I could feel the pain and poking.

The strange thing about my variety of contact lenses is that you are actually able to sleep in them. I have attempted this once before, just to see, even though I was very much against the idea of doing so because it seemed extremely unsafe – even with the doctor’s permission.

One of them ended up way too pasted to my eye and felt very uncomfortable.  The other, somehow, ended up on the floor…

Point being, clearly they shift and feel odd in some way, so:


(83) Finally figuring out how your hotel shower faucet works (pg 153)

My niece was sitting here while I was about to start this one and noticed my jot notes for this topic, which said: “My fear of water and hotel shower faucets.

To which she said, “You’re afraid of water and hotel shower faucets??” And then proceeded to slowly slink away from me because she thinks I’m so weird. 😛

But yes, yes I am.

I wouldn’t say I am afraid of hotel shower faucets NOW, not as much at least, but they still do irk me. Not all of them, but those types you have to turn ALL the way to high pressure to get hot water… those ones.

Let me back track:

When I was about three years old, I was traumatized in many ways. (1) I got caught in a storm and now fear tornadoes (2) I was taken to Niagara Falls and now fear waterfalls.

Over time, I’ve gotten better about both, but I was so afraid of rushing water as a kid that I didn’t even like to play in waterparks and water play areas and, yes, I didn’t like faucets when turned to their highest pressure.

THUS, my dislike of hotel faucets. For the most part, when you’re going to turn a shower faucet to the hottest (which is my preferred shower-water), you have to turn it all the way until it’s gushing out.

I can’t stand the sound of rushing water, which I do believe came from Niagara Falls (any waterfalls, really, but Niagara is the closest to us and so we’ve been there often.) As far as I know, I’ve only seen two other waterfalls in my life and was not pleased at seeing either – one was in Ottawa, and the other was in New Brunswick. I may go to Hamilton, Ontario soon enough and see some there, but I’ve heard those are smaller, so they might not bother me as much.

So there you have it, I have a unique phobia. I have yet to actually find a proper name for it because “fear of waterfalls” doesn’t seem to be a real thing because 99.9% of people seem to LOVE waterfalls. People go stand next to the dang things and go behind them in Niagara, meanwhile, my just writing about this gives me this really weird, hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-my-neck feeling and shakiness deep down…

The closest I have managed to find is potamophobia – a fear of rivers and flowing water or “running water.”

I don’t have a fear of rivers or lakes, I think those are pretty nice, but I suppose “flowing water” works (rushing water seems more accurate). And this waterfall-phobia really does seem to be a true phobia for me because despite the fact that I have forced myself to look at them and go fairly near (railings), just thinking about it now, like I said, is freaking me out and when searching the fear name I was REALLY hoping no photos came up because I didn’t want to look at any.

Lucky for me, in recent years, Niagara Falls has created a wonderful casino and tourist area away from the Falls themselves, so I’ve had trips there where I haven’t had to look at them at all! So, thanks for that Fallsview! (Despite the name, it’s actually far enough away that you can’t see them from the ground level all that easily.)

And that’s where I’ll leave it today. This has been a post a few days in the making, so I shall post it now while I have the chance! Until next time…


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