The Summer of Awesome – Day 15

I haven’t had much of a chance to get on here – probably won’t for a while for we currently have visitors – but I’m trying to write a little bit whenever I can.

So without further ado, The Book of Awesome – approximately half way through…

(84) Talking about how much the meal you’re eating at home would cost in a restaurant (pg 155)

Photo 2017-07-30, 8 06 54 PM
My lazy salad, now being sold sold for $15

You know what costs a ton at restaurants? Salads. That seems so ridiculous when you consider what’s actually in them, so whenever I make a salad at home, I’ve been known to yell, “HA! Take that Milestones, I could charge $15 for this too!”

Sometimes, though, it’s all about the convenience, and I am way more about the convenience than the art of putting food together. So, sure, eggs, potatoes and sausage aren’t that expensive, but I’d much rather just pay the $10-$15 at a restaurant and have them make brunch food for me…

Still, look at my dang good salad!

(85) When you arrive at your destination just as a great song ends on the radio (pg 156)

Remember that radio station I mentioned a while back? The one that plays the BEST songs. Well, thanks to that, this happens to me often these days.

Here are a selection of songs that make me hope I’ll reach my destination just as the song is ending so I can hear it all the way through…

It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

Party Up (Up In Here)* by DMX

*Note: Until this very moment, I had no clue that this song was actually called “Party Up” and have just referred to it by “Up In Here” for the last (almost) 20 years… Am I the only one?

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Toxic by Britney Spears

ANY song by the Backstreet Boys

Bust A Move by Young MC

There are probably many, many more but these are the ones I thought of off the top of my head/that I have actually had this happen with most recently.

(86) Saying the same thing a sport commentator says just before they say it (pg 157)

Though I was raised on watching hockey and tennis, I can’t claim to be a sports aficionado. I still haven’t quite caught on to basketball (the fouls just confuse the hell out of me). I’ve been to two baseball games thanks to school raffle prizes and hated it. I don’t get football either with all it’s stopping every two seconds (but rugby – that I can enjoy).

So because of that, I haven’t had this experience, but I do know someone who is exactly like this – my mom!

I have actually said to my mom in the past that she should be a sports commentator because somehow, she’s always on it with EVERY sport. She and my dad can get into anything – even the sports I don’t understand.  Every year when the Superbowl comes, it takes them about five minutes to recall the rules, but they seem to totally get it once they do.

The best, though, is with basketball, when she starts naming off players like she’s known them her whole life and what they ought to be doing (note: she doesn’t watch basketball regularly, this is just some sort of magical, natural gift that she seems to pick up when she does watch it.)

As for me, I just sit there yelling “WHY was that little bit of nothing a foul and the other guy getting elbowed right in his FACE wasn’t?! I DON’T GET IT!”

(87) Having really, really good eyesight (pg 157)

If you saw my previous post on contacts and you’ll know… I do not.

(88) Orange slices at halftime (pg 158)

From #86, it’s pretty obvious that aside from watching hockey and tennis, I am not a sporty person. I have never been a sporty person. Gym was, and remains, my least favourite of all subjects, so this whole “orange slices at halftime” situation, made no sense to me.

I think it was in Avengers, maybe, where Tony Stark makes a comment about needing some orange slices. I didn’t get it. That joke was totally lost on me.

It was only when I was watching the first season of (that fantastic show!) Orphan Black , that I found out this was a thing. Alison, the homemaker/soccer mom character, was cutting up oranges during her children’s soccer game and I thought  “Is this a thing??” and sure enough, I found out, it is! Somehow, oranges are the best mid-game snack.

From what I just read on this website, “Oranges are loaded with vitamin C, which helps to boost energy.”

Makes sense.

Side note – Neil Pasricha really loves his oranges, doesn’t he? 😛 First the, “Peeling the oranges in one shot” entry, now this one. If not for my allergies, oranges wouldn’t rank that high up for me.

(89) Putting potato chips on a sandwich (pg 161)

Ahhh the ol’ potato chips on a sandwich. Before I actually get into this, let me just say that I am a bit disappointed to hear that Subway (at least in Canada), is currently without Cold Cuts.

My sister just came and told me this, as we were meant to have it for lunch, and I thought she was joking because, Subway – Cold Cuts = nonsense.

And yet, their twitter confirmed it!

Clearly it’s a popular choice…

Kind of suspicious if you ask me… Reminds me of that time on King of the Hill when Alamo Beer was suddenly unavailable. But hey, if it’s just the same as that, and is making people “vomitando” then I don’t mind it’s not being around for a while… 😛

Back to the subject at hand, though, putting chips in sandwiches is a wonderful thing to do and I first learned of this idea from a man that…these days you don’t want to really be connected with – Bill Cosby.

There was an episode of The Cosby Show where Cosby is showing his son Theo (Malcolm Jamal-Warner) how to make the ultimate sandwhich by putting chips in it. This was a truly brilliant idea.

Of course, back in the 90s, The Cosby Show was about as wholesome as you could get and Cosby was the ultimate in awesome dads. These days… Let’s just move on, shall we? 😛 (Still, chips in sandwiches, can’t go wrong with that!)

I’ll leave you all there for now. Have yourselves a good weekend!


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