The Summer of Awesome – Day 17

Today is just about the exact halfway point in The Book of Awesome, as it goes up to 200 Awesome things, so YAY for that.

Let’s get right to it…

(96) The smell of freshly cut grass (pg 175)

 Even just reading the title of this entry made me sneeze!

I have had allergies my whole life so, unfortunately, this is not a pleasant smell I’ve ever really been able to relate to. I am, luckily, not as allergic to grass as other people (even within my family) nor am I as allergic to grass as I am to other things, but it does still make my nose tingle and my eyes water, especially when being cut.

Smells I do enjoy?

  • Coffee (See # 67)
  • Movie theatre popcorn
  • Cookies
  • Lilacs (they make me sneeze too, but I can at least enjoy the smell before they do)
  • Fleecy fabric softener

(97) A long hug when you really need it (pg 176)

For the most part, for much of my life I was not a hugger – especially as a teenager. My best friend and I would show affection by doing air handshakes. 😛 Over time, I came to be fine with hugging, as long as they were people I was close to (i.e. liked).

That being said, I did not give out hugs willy-nilly.

I remember one time, about 10 years ago, a friend of a friend spent a good chunk of a time at a party saying some pretty offensive and hurtful things about another friend of mine (not present at the party), knowing full well said person and I were close… And then at the end of the party, he tried to hug me goodbye. I actually put a hand out and said, “I don’t hug people I’m not close to.”

He seemed a bit thrown, but I see no reason why I shouldn’t be direct when it comes to things like that.

I still don’t tend to hug a lot of people. In a week, I probably give out maybe 3 hugs, that is IF I end up seeing people. We aren’t big huggers in my family and tend to give side hugs at most, unless it’s something big (like a wedding, death, baby, etc.), but when it IS something big, Neil Pasricha is very right.

Sometimes you just need a hug. I imagine this is why it must be great to have a puppy. They seem like the ideal cuddling-buddies.

 (98) A good floss after a tough steak (pg 177)

I actually don’t eat steak, so I can’t really relate to this. I have tried steak probably once or twice and wasn’t a fan. I’ll continue to have my beef in hamburgers instead.

As for flossing, that’s definitely something I don’t so as much as I should, much to my dentist friends’ dismay, I’m sure. I usually only end up flossing when something is really bugging me (usually spinach or popcorn) or when I know I am going to the dentist the following week. (Don’t give me that “tsk,” I know 90% of you are the same!)

I have to say, though, I do see the benefits of flossing. The dental hygienist at a recent appointment told me that though I was doing well with every other aspect of keeping my teeth healthy, I should really floss more. I gave a contrite nod, but knew deep down I probably wouldn’t… But then I decided to give it a shot and flossed every day for about a month and WOW, it made a big difference. Any time I find I have a little pain in my gums, if I floss it actually helps a lot.

So, do it. FLOSS. 1/1 bloggers agree – it helps!

 (99) Dangling your feet in the water (pg 178)

Given my distaste for rushing water and being wet, this is actually something I can get on board with. While everyone else is ready to jump into the pool, I am more than happy to hang out on the side, read my book and dangle my feet in.

Sucks to be everyone else who is swimming around in feet water…

 (100) Salt (pg 179)

M-113_creatureWow,  Neil Pasricha really goes on a whole ode to salt in these pages. You know who would appreciate that?

Nancy the Salt Creature from Star Trek. She (it?) was all about sucking that sweet, sweet (salty…) salt out of people’s bodies.

You know what else does that?


I actually suffer from Vertigo, something I found out at around age 19/20 when I was feeling dizzy all the time and there was no explanations as to why. I discovered that when there’s no real reason, vertigo seems to be the easiest of explanations.

I was told I might likely have Meniere’s Disease – and am in pretty cool company with Marliyn Monroe being one of the most notable people who was said to have had it. (Also, as stated in this HuffPost article: Charles Darwin and Beethoven, among others.)

The best thing they could offer me to deal with the dizzies was to cut down on salt. I never really used to have a lot of salt anyway, but I diligently did as told and it actually seemed to help! Problem was, about 5-7 years later we started getting some INSANELY hot summers in my part of Canada and I was being struck by dehydration and heat exhaustion. At first I had no clue what it was, but my rudimentary First Aid training helped me to recognize the signs.

Since I was about 27, I haven’t been able to handle hot weather very well at all, but once I realized that much of the issue might be a lack of salt, adding some back in (through energy drinks and homemade electrolyte boosting drinks), it’s been better.

The trade-off? I sometimes I get dizzy again.

There’s just no winning when you have a weirdo body like mine!

If this was all getting a little “TL; DR” for you all, here’s the quick and dirty:

Vertigo + salt = no no

Heat exhaustion and dehidration – salt = no no

Salt is confusing for me!

(101) When you know all the buttons to speed through the automated telephone system (pg 182)


Clearly, I have a lot of health issues (see above and all the times I’ve mentioned my allergies), which means I have a lot of prescriptions. I totally relate to this entry because I can do this very easily with my Drug Store’s automated telephone system to get refills on my allergy pills.

Recently they just told me that you don’t even have to call in for them anymore – you can do everything online AND they’ll text you when they’re ready.

What kind of crazy world are we living in where this is possible? We are about one step away from my dream idea – that which my dad and I came up with and wish would come true – texting in and order and having it just shoot through your mail box into your house. If Amazon can use drones… then who knows what’s next!

That’s enough of that random thinking for today. Hope you all had a good weekend!


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