The Summer of Awesome – Day 10!

Whoa, already at Day 10!

It completely slipped my mind to post yesterday. The day just seemed to fly by, and next thing I knew, it was 10pm!

Before I go onwards with The Book of Awesome, part of why I was distracted was because I was catching up on American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson mini-series on FX (they are smart to put their shows on in marathons, they’ve sucked me in twice now! First Fargo, now this!).

If you haven’t seen it already, and especially if you lived through the actual OJ Simpson trial, watch it! It’s very well made and well acted. I was young at the time of the trial (7-8 years old), but remember it very clearly – they announced the verdict over the announcements at my elementary school because everyone was so caught up in it. Seeing the inner workings (even if fictionalized), of both sides is very interesting.

Anyhow, back to the book!

(55) Getting gas just before the price goes up (pg 107)

I’m not sure what gas prices are like around the world, or even how gas is charged in others places, but here, it’s by the litre.

At last glance, gas prices around here were around $1.06/litre…which in the olden days, would have been pretty dang high, but is actually, nowadays, pretty dang low! The last time I needed gas, it was up to $1.13! (Notice I say “needed” because I am not one of those people who smartly gets gas when the price is low, but gets it when I am almost at empty and am at the mercy of the gas stations and conglomerates and their crazy – seemingly arbitrary – prices!)

It’s rare to ever catch the gas under $1 these days, but the moment when you do, just like Neil Pasricha says, it’s an exciting moment! Even more exciting is when you manage to get a perfect pump, by which I mean $25.00 instead of $25.01 (though in these days, getting $25.01 is pretty exciting too because we don’t have pennies here anymore, so you get a FREE CENT OF GAS! 😛 )

I still remember when the gas prices started to rise… I remember talking to my friend’s dad when he was driving us to an amusement park about whether or not he thought the prices would ever come down again (it was around $0.75 at the time)… Both of us agreed it wouldn’t happen any time soon. Here we are, about 12 years later, and they haven’t been anywhere close to that price since!

(56) The pushoff (pg 109)

Image69 If there’s one thing that encapsulates my first time learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, it’s the phrase “NO U-TURNS!

My dad taught me how to ride my bike, and much like Pasricha writes in the book: “Dad’s holding you steady as you pedal, pedal, pedal” – which is exactly how it went.

Somehow, for some reason, any time my dad would let go, I would end up wheeling back around, making a “U-Turn” – I assume it must’ve been because I was nervous when I realized he let go, so I started turning back towards him instead of just going straight.

Then, my dad gave me a good pep talk and said the phrase that’s stuck with me, “No U-Turns!” One time, I heard my dad yell out “NO U-TURNS!” behind me, and guess what? I didn’t U-Turn, I just kept on going straight!

What a moment. What a memory.

(57) Wearing sandals when you shouldn’t be wearing sandals (pg 110)

I haven’t been able to find a good pair of sandals for years. Either they’re really clunky and ugly, OR they’re really adorable and flat.

Even when I worked in shoe stores (I worked in two different ones), I could never find sandals that suited me well. Ones that look perfect would rub or be itchy or have a seam that just dug into you!

I am very lucky that I had a manager who was super cool and told us – encouraged us – to try on our store’s footwear when it was slow, so we could actually get a feel for them and be able to share that with customers.

This wasn’t the best when I finally gave in to my long-time desire to try on 3-inch heels and I happened to so so right when someone came in asking for the shoes on the HIGHEST POSSIBLE SHELF!

I had to climb up the shelf – already dangerous – in 3-inch heels – definitely dangerous, which I had never attempted to wear before in my life – extremely dangerous.

Thankfully, that all went perfectly fine and taught me that:

  1. I CAN wear 3-inch heels!
  2. I can get stuff DONE in 3-inch heels.

I became a fan of extremely high heels at that point and never looked back! Even when people tried to “tall-shame” me (I don’t know if that’s a thing, but I am making it a thing 😛 ) by saying “Pshh, you’re already so tall, what do YOU need to wear heels for?!”

You know what for?


My fellow tall-ies out there will know, being tall takes a toll on your back! And in my case, being tall and wearing flat shoes really takes a toll on my back. This is why I have struggled with sandals. I finally found ones last year that seemed to work and then this summer… back to the back pain. 😦

So, I can’t say I relate to this at all because I don’t wear sandals in the summer, much less at any other time of year.

BUT I can relate to wearing shoes that really shouldn’t be worn at certain times at those times (as I said above).

(58) Getting off an airplane after a long flight (pg 113)

I don’t want to make this all about being tall again, but… you can imagine what plane rides are like when you have added height! Same goes for the movie theatre. I am so thankful for IMAX and VIP cinemas for their spacious leg room!

In terms of plane rides, I have found the best and worst spot all in one:

Why is it the best?


All that spacious, spacious leg room!

Why is it the worst?

Me, worrying about my emergency preparedness abilities at the age of 22!

Because it’s the EMERGENCY EXIT SEATS!

The flight crew works under the assumption that if you sit there you will be calm and rational enough to help people escape under duress. I did agree that I could do so and I have, since, helped kids out during a Fire Alarm and know how to handle such emergencies, but a plane emergency might be a little more anxiety-inducing.

STILL, for that sweet, sweet leg room… I will muster all my bravery to help the good people off the plane if need be!

(59) Picking a q and at the same time in Scrabble (pg 114)

Ever since Words with Friends came along, our family has become very adept at Scrabble-esque games.

downloadNo, wait, it actually started way before that. With this amazing incarnation of the game, Yahoo’s Literati!

We used to play this so often and then segued into Words with Friends once apps started to take over. To give you an idea of how often we play, I currently have 8 games going (which is actually less than some days!)

With all these games, I’ve learned you don’t necessairly needto make the most of a Q. Neil Pasricha mentions one of the U-less Q words: qat, BUT you can also make qats, qi or qis. A search just now told me that there are actually WAY MORE words than that, but those four are my standard ones; the ones that helped me realize a Q isn’t as hopeless a letter as I’ve previously assumed.

You know which letters are hopeless?

and V.

When you’re down to your last few letters and you know all you can make are two-letter words, squished into a crevice – a C and a V are the LAST things you want (which makes my phrasing here pretty ironic because “crevice has both…)

Can you think of a single 2-letter word that starts or ends with a C or a V?

No! You can’t! For they don’t exist!

Don’t believe me? Go check for yourself!

And now that you’ve been provided this knowledge, go out into the word and make good use of those TL and TW tiles, to get yourself 30+ points!

(60) Old folks who sit on their porch and wave at your when you walk by (pg 116)

I am sad to report that my area doesn’t have a ton of porches… or old folks, for that matter. I am happy to say, that thanks to one of my jobs, I get to chat with old folks often enough and it’s actually one of the best parts of my day!

I give tours at a museum and find the older people always have the best anecdotes, the best stories and are just full of conversation, unlike a lot of younger people who are just quick to grab their phones for pictures.

Some of my best tours have been ones where I learned more from visitors than they have from me!

A lot of older visitors are just happy to share their memories and connections to our site and artefacts, which I am glad to partake of – I have actually picked up on a few things that I’ve then incorporated into tours with other people (i.e. I learned what a manure wagon is and I met descendants of the people who used to own some of our artefacts).

Also, the older I’m getting, the more crotchety I’m becoming. I find I actually relate much better to the 80-year-olds with my “Kids these days…” and “This newfangled place, full of construction, isn’t how remember it…” comments, than I do to the trendy twenty-somethings. (Then again, I was a crotchety teenager too, so I suppose it’s nothing new, and has just grown from there!)

Have yourselves a good rest of your Monday (or . Until next time!


The Summer of Awesome – Day 3

Well hello, welcome, willkommen. (I am trying to learn German using DuoLingo. According to the app, I am 10% fluent. According to me, I can only say menu, potato and chocolate, but that’s really all that’s important to my life anyway…)

From what I have seen on my WordPress fancy stats, it would seem that some people have been randomly coming across my blog – whether through WordPress, itself, or Search Engines.

To all of you I say: Thank you! Thanks for coming and I hope you’re enjoying the weirdness that is my brain.

For anyone who has just stumbled onto this, a little background:

I am currently reading The Book of Awesome and writing my own responses and opinions on the “awesome things.”

As of the last post, I am up to 13/1000 things… Oof,  this might take a while… I hope the library is prepared to not have its copy for a good few weeks (months?!).

Also, before I get started with today’s awesomeness, another point of awesomeness – look at this new fancy layout! Oooh! Thank you to WordPress for the nice choices. I like it! I might change the header when I can find a picture of my own to put, just to make it my own a little more, but so far, I am enjoying this simpler (but still blue-centric!) look.

Now then, where were we…

(14) Being the first table to get called up for the dinner buffet at a wedding (pg 31)

As a previous entry from me detailed, I am of Indian (Punjabi) descent and you know what that means when it comes to weddings? Yup…


We don’t do sit down dinners and to be honest, I have always found it absolutely hilarious that we wear these amazingly intricate, embroidered silk and chiffon outfits…and then eat the oiliest and most greasy of foods.

Remember my entry about walking back to a table with a tray of food? Try that, in a fancy suit/dress with a plate full of buttermilk, rice and butter chicken.

Wait…what was the awesome thing about this again?

OH! Right! Being called first. That truly is a momentous occasion, but I don’t know that I have been to a ton of weddings where they actually call by table, so much as they just say “The buffet is now open“/”Dinner is now being served.” When that happens it’s just a free for all run for the food. So that usually means, hope you’re already close by and can swoop in ASAP, or just wait it out until the line thins a bit (and the inevitable aunty or uncle still somehow just squeezes ahead of you, looking away, like they’ve been there the whole time!)

There was one wedding – best wedding I’ve ever been to! – where my group of friends got our food ASAP while the line was clear, and then we just ended up leaving it at our table for an hour before we actually ate it. Why? Because even more important than the food – IS THE DANCING! (See previous entry # 5 – Intergenerational Dancing.)

(15) When someone lands on the hotel you just built in Monopoly (pg 33)

I love the little mock conversation Neil Pasricha sets out here on how this would go. The best part about it is that the person offers to take the railroads off their competitor/soon-to-be-in-debt-or-bankrupt-friends. Let’s be honest, everyone knows the railroads are the primary money-makers. You have those and you barely even need anything else. His conversation example is dead-on and is exactly what I would say.

Until last year, I actually never used to even make hotels – and even starting last year I didn’t make “hotels,” I made castles, because we were playing Disney Monopoly so often.

Play this once and you’ll never play regular Monopoly again! Most prized properties – 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Jungle Book (among many others!)

Whenever I’d play Monopoly I’d just stick with my regular ol’ properties and see how well I could do. This is probably why our games never ended and only would when someone got tired and gave up.

But then my niece hit her pre-teen years, and decided she wanted to play actual Monopoly after years of Junior Monopoly.

And then things got competitive.

Later, my other nieces and nephew came for a visit from England, and things got really competitive – i.e. the 11-year-old and 10-year-old teamed up against their old aunt and decided to pool their efforts and buy up tons of hotels castles to put me straight out of business.

I learned my lesson last summer, friends – NEVER go easy on the children… (especially if they’re Slytherins at heart. Oh, believe me. They know they are.)

Also, if you want my advice after a summer of playing cutthroat Monopoly with smart and ambitious children – buy the light blue, fuchsia/pink and orange properties:



They are not overly expensive and when you get all three, you can start building away and get massive amounts of money back!

For example, if you own all 3 orange ones, it’ll cost you $560 to get them, which seems steep, BUT, build a hotel on St. James Place and you’ll get $950 back! (Of course, you do have to factor in the buying of houses and all that too, but that’s why these ones are the best, because the prices for houses are only $50-$100 each too!)

Now that I’ve given you all my wealth of knowledge where Monopoly is concerned, I think it’s time to move on…

(18) Finding a mix tape given to you by an old boyfriend or girlfriend (pg 35)

This awesome thing really assumes that you actually had an ex who was thoughtful enough to give you something as sweet and cheesy as a mix tape.


No, but honestly, I can see how that would be something nice to stumble upon. Even if you now hate your ex with the deepest loathing imaginable, the songs might still be good and give you some nostalgia.

Neil Pasricha’s got quite a good list of examples, (Everything I Do) I Do It for YouI Will Always Love YouMy Heart Will Go On, Eternal Flame – that’s some quality romance, right there.

If I ever had gotten a theoretical mix tape (CD), it would’ve looked something more along the lines of…

Inside the Fire – Disturbed

Master of Puppets – Metallica

Iron Man – Black Sabbath

Psychosocial – Slipknot

Run to the Hills  – Iron Maiden*

*Note: You know, the names of the songs sent a pretty loud and clear message (i.e. warning) that I ought to have paid more attention to back in the day…

All joking aside, these are some good songs and Metallica and Disturbed are, particularly, the best. I still absolutely love them.

I also love the confused looks people give me when I state that fact.

(17) Picking the perfect nacho off someone else’s plate (pg 37)

I like the ratio that he gives for the perfect nacho – 90-100% cheese, yes, very much agreed. If you don’t have a chip smothered in cheese, it’s not even worth having.

But, that being said, trying to pick up said chip is always easier said than done, and it’s more likely I will just end up with the a teeny tiny piece of crumb after the cheese part stays attached OR I’ll pick up the ENTIRE plate of nachos in trying to grab one.

If the entire plate comes with the one, I guess you’re just meant to have it all then!

(18) The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes on stage (pg 39)

This. Moment. Is. Amazing.

Truthfully, that anticipation is one of the most exciting feelings. At that point, you know all your amazing moments that night are just right ahead.

Personally, the one memory that keeps coming back to me related to this, is when my sister and I went to see the Backstreet Boys for the second time. We saw them back when I was 13 and then didn’t get the chance to again until four years ago (when I was twice that age). We actually made the trip over to the next province just for them! (And happened to see Novak Djokovic quite randomly while we were there too! Such good times!)

The reason this keeps coming to mind is because of the sheer insanity that resulted from this moment of silence and darkness, to when they started showing pictures of The Boys up on the big screen. Everyone went ballistic.

No lie, my eleven-year-old self came screaming out in full force.

The EXACT moment I went nuts – Brian Littrell, my first crush. I may have been 15 years older than when I first loved him, and now 4 inches taller than him, but what do you know, B-Rok still rocks my socks. 😛

I’ll leave it there for now, but since we’re on the topic of the Backstreet Boys, go enjoy The One, my favourite song of all-time! Though Inside the Fire, also ranks up there, so go click that and listen to it too.

See, this is why people give me confused looks.

Until next time!